Will the GuineaDad Liner fit my cage?

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Our GuineaDad Liner comes in Midwest, 2x4, 2x3, 2x2, and 2x1 for C&C cages.


Here’s how to measure your cage.

  1. Use a tape measure to figure out the length of your cage and the width.
  2. These measurements can be in either inches or centimeters.
  3. Refer to the size options listed below, along with their measurements.


GuineaDad Liner Sizes and Measurements:

  • Midwest: Designed for a Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat, which is ~24"x47" (61x120cm)
  • 2x4: Designed for a 2x4 C&C, which is ~27"x56" (69x142cm)
  • 2x3: Designed for a 2x3 C&C, which is ~27"x41" (69x104cm)
  • 2x2: Designed for a 2x2 C&C, which is ~27"x27" (69x69cm)
  • 2x1: Designed for a 2x1 C&C, which is ~27"x14" (69x36cm)


For C&C cages larger than 2x4, you can combine liner sizes to fit your cage. For example:


For 2x5

  1. 2x4 liner and 2x1 pee pad
  2. 2x3 liner and 2x2 pee pad


For 2x6

  1. 2x4 and 2x2 pee pad
  2. 2x3 liner and 2x3 liner


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