I have a rip/hole in my liner. What should I do?

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More often than not, holes in the liners come from guinea pigs chewing on the fleece. 


This is a behavior that you can prevent by doing a few things.

  1. Provide a large amount of hay in their cage at all times. We recommend using our GuineaDad Hay Box or GuineaDad Hay Bar.
  2. Make sure your cage is large enough for the number of guinea pigs you have. The Humane Society says 2 guinea pigs need a minimum of 10.5 square feet, 3 guinea pigs need a minimum of 13 square feet, 4 guinea pigs need a minimum of 16 square feet.
  3. Provide more toys and chewable hideys. This will prevent their need for chewing on the liner.
  4. Give your guinea pigs more attention and spend more time bonding with them.

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