Do you have instructions for assembling the GuineaDad Crunchy Condo?

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In your GuineaDad Crunchy Condo package, you’ll receive water activated tape and the crunchy condos. 


Please follow these steps for assembly.

  1. Detach both bottom pieces along the line with scissors. 
  2. Puncture the 4 small pre-cut slits on both top long flaps of the condo. 
  3. Puncture all 4 pre-cut circles on both top short flaps. 
  4. Fold the 2 short flaps down first and then fold down the long flaps. 
  5. Wet provided tape prior to adhering to the condo. 
  6. Place the wet tape along the top center of the condo where the long flaps meet.

Refer to the graphic below for a visual guide. Read our blog post for additional (optional) steps here.


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