Adopted grownup piggies; will they love me?

Hi! my name is Cecilia, and I just adopted two peruvian guinea pigs, Mortimer and Blu. I love them, but i have never taken care of a living being befote. I really feel like I just got a child, im paranoid about everything. I try my besy: I bought the guinea dad liner and i built a very big cage for when we will go back to my hometown for holidays. Now i am in Turin, the piggies came ONE MONTH AGO. They are still scared, even if they started picking food from my hand. I don't know what to do for example when i will move them to my hometown: will they hate me because i move them? Do they already hate me because i pick them up because i need to clean the cage? Will they ever love me or are they too grown up (2 years old) to love me? Is it too late for bonding? how should i behave? I chat with them and i hand feed them, but i am afraid they will never love me. Thank you for listening, and thank you for all the great helpo you already gave me with this blog! Its illuminating! Cecilia


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    Paula Kelly

    Hi Cecilia - it sounds like Mortimer and Blu have a very caring, but nervous mom.  They do not hate you AT ALL for anything you've done.  2 year old guinea pigs have as much or perhaps even more capacity to love you than a baby guinea pig.  If they are acting skittish or nervous that is perfectly normal.  Being prey animals, it is instinctual for them to be timid and scared.  That does not mean they don't love you.  If they are eating food from your hand that is a very good sign that they do trust you.  Hand feeding them their veggies and treats is a good way to help them bond with you and talking to them and singing to them and petting them if or when they are in the mood is also a bonding experience.  You are doing a GREAT job so please don't worry so much or be hard on yourself.  You are offering a great home and all your love to a pair of sweet guinea pigs.  There are many out there in the world that are not so lucky.  We have many blogs and videos that can help  you along the way!  Take care and please keep in touch!  


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