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Hi! its always me, Cecilia, with Mortimer and Blu. I just moved the two little piggies to hmmy hometown, for a couple of weeks (Christmas). They have a awesome cage i built. We have been here 3 days, im concerned because they never go out and they eat very little. Did i do wrong bringing them here with me? What shall i do? shall i bring them to a vet or shall i just wait a bit till they understand they are safe? Thank you, cecilia


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    Paula Kelly

    Hi Cecilia - It is critical that Mortimer and Blu eat hay every single day as not eating at all will mess up their gastrointestinal tract.  Are they eating a smaller amount than usual or are they eating and drinking nothing?  If the answer is nothing then I would take them to the vet, but if they are just eating and drinking a smaller amount then that is not as much of a worry.  Moving is pretty scary for guinea pigs and if they feel unsafe or exposed this could put them off their food. Guinea pigs need a place to hide at all times, so if they seem stressed after the move, make sure they have a house or other hiding spots to run into if they're feeling a little insecure.  Put some hay and water into or near their hiding spots so they can eat while they are hiding.  Bring them their veggies and hand feed them so they know they are safe!  Talk to them and try to let them know everything is going to be okay.  Let us know how it goes!


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