How do I make taking my guinea pig out of the cage easier? I'm a first time guinea pig mom and I would love any helpful advice!


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    Paula Kelly

    If you are a new guinea pig mom then yes, they will be scared of you at first and run away when you try to pick them up or catch them. Being prey animals you can't really blame them because for all they know you're a predator.  In the long run getting them to trust you will make picking them up much easier, but in the meantime a good trick to get them out of their cage is to nudge them into a corner and use a bath towel to wrap them up in it.  Sometimes it's less scary for them if you pick them up while they are facing you so they can see what is happening.  Remember to use both hands to support their bodies when you lift them.   

    At first, they will be scared but sit in their cage with them or carry them to the couch and hand feed them lots of treats, which will help them trust you.  Pet them and talk to them calmly or even sing to them softly. If they are really scared, let them burrow into the towel as much as they want but handling them is the ONLY way to get them used to being held and eventually getting them out of the cage will be much easier for you.
    If you go to our website on the top left corner there is a magnifying glass.  Click that and enter the word "blog".  This will bring up all our blogs on MANY topics and will help you to be a better guinea pig parent.  You can also type in specific keywords that you have questions about and there will most likely be a blog about it.  Hope this helps, and please write back if you need any more assistance!  

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