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Patricia Wilson7878
We got our first Guinea Pig (Reese’s) a couple weeks ago! We love him and he’s adjusting well I think; still a bit skittish but he’s young and still new. I did a ton of research before getting him and I found your blog a few days ago and I haven’t stopped reading! But I’ve noticed something with him lately and I’m not sure if it’s a problem or not. I know how important hay is for their diet and he always has a constant fresh supply; however he doesn’t seem to be eating it. He won’t touch most of it; the only pieces he seems to eat are the pieces with the flower heads on top. Whenever I go into the bag to refresh his supply he squeaks and makes all kinds of noises but then he won’t eat it, there’s usually about the same amount from the day before but when I give him just the flower tops he eats it right up; but the rest of the pieces he just leaves alone. Is this a problem? I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to pick the flower heads out of the big bag of hay bc I know how important it is for him but I guess I’m wondering if this is normal or not?



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    Paula Kelly

    It is possible that your guinea pig prefers the flower heads because they are more flavorful andmore nutritious. It is also possible that your Guinea Pig is not used to the hay you are providing and is not comfortable with it yet (he could be used to Timothy and he's now getting Orchard or vise versa). It could be helpful if you try different types of hay to see if your guinea pig will be more interested in them. Additionally, you could try adding some treats to the hay to make it more appealing. You could also try putting it into a cardboard tube to try and make a toy of it. If your guinea pig does not start eating the hay after trying different types and adding treats, you should consult your veterinarian for further advice because hay is very important to a guinea pigs health!

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    Patricia Wilson7878

    Hi Paula! Thank you for your quick response. I should’ve mentioned we are currently giving him Timothy Hay. I used a cardboard tube as you suggested and added a couple treats to try and entice him and it didn’t really work. Next step is to try a different kind of hay; if that doesn’t work I’ll definitely consult the vet. Thank you!!


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