Guineadad liners outside?

Rebecca Arnold
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Does anyone keep their pigs outside and line their outside hutch with a guineadad liner? 

Context- I have 3 piggies (1 male 2 female) who are 6yo, 5yo and 4yo. They've always lived on guineadad liners inside in a flat. Since moving into a house and having a garden I've noticed how happy they are when they spend time outside! I have a temporary c&c grid outside (grids on the top of the cage, too). They go outside from maybe 9am til dark (6-8 hours a day) in the summer and they are so much more active in the garden than when they're inside. 

As summer approaches I would love to keep them outside in a more sustainable, outside hutch. C&C grids are great for the day when I'm in the house and can keep an eye on them but I would never leave them at night time without a proper hutch. However I am anxious about changing everything! I'd love to keep my guineadad fleece and line their cage with it. Has anyone done this?

Any tips on moving them outside are greatly appreciated!


Becky, Riley, Ava and Poppy, England, UK.



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