Collecting some information for an article

The Box Piggies

Hello all! I am working on an article for my school magazine about guinea pig care misinformation spread by big box pet stores such as P*tCo and P*tSmart. If anyone Is able to answer the following questions so I can collect quotes and info, I would be overjoyed! Absolutely no judgement to anyone who purchased an animal or trusted their care- it can be easy to fall into their traps. The most important thing is learnig and changing your care.

When answering, please specify store! 

1. What kind of care was recomended, and was there anything bad that stood out to you?

2. Have you ever unknowingly purchased a sick, injured, pregnant, or missexed guinea pig?

3. Were you ever pressured into buying unsafe products at the stores? If so, what?

4. If you worked for either store, what kind of training did you receive? Did you ever get punished or have negative experiences when it came to giving proper care advise? 



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