My guineapig has bladder infection. how to care?


Hello. I have a question. first, my english is really bad.

Yesterday, I met the vet because of bladder infection and my guineapig took a medicine until morning.

but after he took a medicine, he dosn't eat hay and pellets.

sadly, my vet is off until tommorrow. 

I wonder that 

1.  Should I keep on medicine to him?

2. he doesn't eat. Should I feed him the Critical Care? and should I feed him some vegitable like a cucumber?

I'd appreciate it if you could let me know.


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    Paula Kelly

    We at GuineaDad are not veterinarians or trained in veterinary medicine. I would recommend that you follow the vet's instructions regarding how long to give him the medicine. Even though he's not eating the hay, make sure it's available to him and also offer him some vegetables like cucumber, red and yellow peppers and romaine leaves. If he's still not eating when your vet is back, please contact him for advice or take him back to the vet as it could be an emergency. I hope your guinea pig feels better soon!


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