C Klauer23
I just purchased a 2x5 cage for my 3 guinea pigs. However none of the liners are for that size of cage. What would everyone recommend?



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    Paula Kelly

    We are thinking about making 2x5, and maybe even 2x6 Premium Liners because they dry faster and have many improvements that prevented us from creating larger ones.  In the meantime, for a 2x5 cage, we recommend getting a 2x3 (full size with pocket) and a 2x2 (small size without pocket). You can use the 2x2 as a kitchen area where you have water and hang hay, which will significantly improve the ease of cleaning the cage.

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    You could do a 2x4 liner and then a 2x1. I would set the hay under the 2x1 liner. Might make easier for clean up!


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