#1 wish is for ramp/tunnel to sofa

GuineaDad, can you please puhlease develop this! Like they have ramps for daschunds/wiener dogs to get up sofas, but smaller and safe for guinea pigs. Or maybe a castle with two levels and a roof with a ramp or tunnel off of it. Or a side table attachment. Or like the extensive tunnel systems they make for pet rats in zoos, or like the cat wall obstacle courses. It seems like something like that should exist for guinea pigs too when it exists for so many other pets! I'd love for my pigs to wander up a ramp to hang out with me (/examine me for food). Please invent solution for this problem! I love your products.


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    Paula Kelly

    We have some very exciting new cage options coming up in the very near future!  Stay tuned, I don't think you'll be disappointed! 😉


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