What liner combo?

I’m new to the world of guinea pigs! We’ll be rescuing a young male and I’m doing all my research. I know we’ll get a 2nd male as a companion so I’ve picked out a 6x2 c&c cage with a ramp. What liner combo do you suggest for the bottom to make it easy on cleaning? Do I order two of each? And then lap pads? Help!


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    Paula Kelly

    Welcome to the world of guinea pigs!  You're in for a fun ride!  For a 2x6 cage, to make the cleaning process as easy as possible, I suggest getting both a 2x4 (full size with pocket) and a 2x2 (small size without pocket). You can use the 2x2 as a kitchen area where you hang water and have hay, which will significantly improve the ease of cleaning the cage. Alternatively, if you prefer to have two pockets, getting two 2x3 (full size with pocket) is also an option.

    We also have 1x1, 2x1 and 2x2 pee pads that you could use in the loft are (depending on the loft size) and many customers use our pee pads in high traffic areas in their cages to keep their full size liners fresher, for longer!  Good luck!


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